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Hafeez Center Lahore, Mobile And Computer Center  This shopping mall is exclusively for computers, cell phones and related accessories. There is no place in Lahore comparable to this mall that can offer a large variety under one roof.

Hafeez Center Lahore: Pirate Ship

The Hafeez Center is located in Gulburg, one of the nicer parts of Lahore It’s home to many different stores, a lot of which deal with electronics. The reason I call it the “Pirate Ship” is because when I first went there, I was amazed how cheap software was. My cousins explained to me that this was due to the fact that all the software was pirated, and thats how the name came about.
Hafeez Center Lahore: Computer Center
You can find almost any software here, and at dirt-cheap prices. CD’s can be found for 50-100 rupees. Computer parts are sold here too, but those are a bit more expensive, except for pirated chinese hardware.

Books are also available here, and as with the software they are pretty cheap. This is again due to the fact that they are copies and not the real deal.

Finally, I am the only person who calls it the “Pirate Ship”, so if you go to Lahore looking for the Pirate Ship, you will get some blank stares.

This is the five story Hafiz center, the main computer retail building. Inside are hundreds of small shops, some selling complete systems, some selling only a single product like modems or pirated software CDs. The prices for hardware are pretty typical, but the books and software are super cheap.It was always surprising to see some guy come out with a computer and hop on his bike a pedal away.


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